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Featured Weddings

Featured Weddings showcases a curated collection of our most exceptional and eco-friendly wedding celebrations, marriage proposal or Flower settings. Each distinctive event highlights the unique ways Agape Weddings infuses sustainability and conscious practices into every aspect of the special day. Explore the enchanting images, captivating love stories, and innovative green solutions that have transformed ordinary weddings into extraordinary, environmentally responsible experiences. Let these remarkable unions inspire you to create your own unforgettable, conscious celebration of love.


Wedding Nature Inspired

Rosa & Stephan

Venue: Mallorca - Fornalux
Guests: 150


Night Forest Wedding 

Stela & Osama 

Venue: Ibiza - Cala Carbo 
Guests: 150


Marriage Proposal

Merce & Simone

Venue: Costa Brava - Pals
Guests: 20

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