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Enchanting Unions, Spiritual Journeys

Mystical Matrimony and Conscious Commitments

Transform Your Wedding into a Timeless Memory

What is a Suco Session for weddings

Fully personalised experiences towards a joyful state of mind

Agape Weddings' Exclusive Suco Sessions for Barcelona Nuptials
Suco Wedding Planning Sessions in Barcelona with Agape Weddings
Experience Barcelona Weddings: Suco Sessions with Agape Weddings

SUCO Sessions, led by Jamie Beron, is an ideal conscious wedding activity offering an introspective experience with a mix of meditation and curated electronic music through wireless headsets. Catering to all levels, Jamie's seven-year expertise in various yoga styles enriches this unique blend of sound, movement, and mindful breathing, making your wedding more profound and energetically resonant.

Agape Weddings: Tailored Suco Sessions for Your Barcelona Wedding

All sessions are aimed at reaching a joyous state of mind.

"SUCO for Soulmates: A Sacred Stretch Towards Eternal Ties"

Suco Session Planning for Dream Weddings in Barcelona by Agape Weddings


About Jaime

The practice of SUCO initially began in 2016 in South Africa, where Jamie Beron - the creator and voice of SUCO - began his research and practice of a new ritual that would deliver a revolutionary form of wellbeing.


Years later, the SUCO ritual has evolved into what it is today; an expert combination of immersive meditations combined with electronic music, for the ultimate wellbeing experience.

Barcelona Nuptial Bliss: Suco Sessions Courtesy of Agape Weddings


What is Suco

In short; it is a meditation by using movement instead of stillness, and we use electronic music to do so.
Traditionally, meditation is done in a still position which often proves to be challenging because our minds are continuously in motion.
Active meditation is a more effective way to meditate because
​we meet the mind where it is; in movement! The body moves whilst the mind calms down.
This enables us to enjoy the benefits of traditional meditation, in a much more accessible way.

Barcelona Wedding Suco Sessions by Agape Weddings


Suco & Agape Weddings

Suco and Agape, through a harmonious collaboration, have meticulously crafted an exquisite format tailored for conscious wedding celebrations. Our dedicated team is wholeheartedly committed to assisting you in orchestrating a fully personalized session, seamlessly accommodating a diverse range of guest capacities from 50 up to 350 attendees. Our distinguished approach ensures a profoundly engaging and memorable experience that encapsulates the essence of your union, while fostering a serene and spiritual ambiance for you and your cherished guests. Through a blend of expertise and attentive understanding of your unique desires, we are here to transcend conventional wedding festivities, making your sacred day a reflection of shared values and holistic union.

Craft Your Barcelona Wedding: Suco Sessions by Agape Weddings
Agape Weddings & Suco Sessions: Perfecting Barcelona Weddings

Sacred Synthesis of Agape & Suco: Bespoke Bliss for Your Big Day

Suco Session Insights for Unforgettable Barcelona Weddings with Agape
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