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Can You Get Married in Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?

Updated: Jun 12

Getting married in the iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a dream for many couples, and it's indeed possible to make this dream a reality, albeit with certain conditions and considerations.

Eligibility and Religious Requirements

Sagrada Familia, being a Catholic basilica, requires that at least one member of the couple is Catholic, and the ceremony must adhere to Catholic traditions. This is in line with the church’s status as a place of worship and its adherence to specific religious practices and beliefs​​​​.

Ceremony Location

Weddings at Sagrada Familia take place in the Crypt, a more intimate and equally historic part of the basilica. The Crypt offers a unique setting for marriage ceremonies, combining spiritual significance with architectural beauty​​.

Booking and Documentation

Couples looking to marry in Sagrada Familia must contact the Pastoral Office directly to book a date and time for their ceremony. It's advised to begin preparations about six months in advance to ensure all necessary documentation and arrangements can be completed. Required documents typically include baptism certificates for Catholic participants, ID or passport photocopies, and, if applicable, civil marriage certificates or annulment judgments​​.

Costs and Considerations

While specific costs for marrying at Sagrada Familia were not detailed, it's common for such venues to charge a fee, which can vary based on the date, time, and specific requirements of the ceremony. The total cost may include charges for the venue, photography, music, and officiant services​​.

Planning Tips

Planning a wedding at such a popular and sacred site requires careful consideration of the church’s guidelines, especially regarding the ceremony's timing, photography, and customization. Couples are encouraged to work closely with the Sagrada Familia staff to ensure their wedding complies with all requirements and respects the basilica's sacred nature​​​​.

A Unique Experience

Marrying in Sagrada Familia is not just about the ceremony; it's an experience that includes the breathtaking backdrop of Gaudí's architectural masterpiece, offering a deeply spiritual and visually stunning setting that promises to make your special day unforgettable​​.

For couples interested in this unique opportunity, reaching out directly to the Sagrada Familia's Pastoral Office for the most current information and guidance is essential. This step will ensure that your wedding not only meets all necessary requirements but also lives up to the dream of marrying in one of the world's most revered architectural wonders.

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