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Casa Batlló Wedding Guide: Costs and Details

Casa Batlló, located in the heart of Barcelona, is an iconic venue for a wedding, offering a unique blend of modernist architecture and Gaudí's magical design. Here's everything you need to know about planning a wedding at this extraordinary location.

Casa Batlló Wedding
Casa Batlló Wedding

Venue Options

1. **Noble Floor**: The most exclusive and beautiful modernist room, perfect for elegant ceremonies and receptions.

Casa Batlló wedding
Casa Batlló Noble Floor

2. **Attic**: Featuring Gaudí's catenary arches, this versatile space is ideal for unique and unforgettable events.

Casa Batlló Attic Wedding
Casa Batlló Attic

3. **Dragon Roof Terrace**: An open-air space surrounded by the famous dragon's back and mosaic chimneys, offering a fairytale setting.

Casa Batlló Wedding cost
Casa Batlló Roof Terrace


Renting Casa Batlló for a wedding can vary depending on the specifics of your event. Here are some general price ranges:

- **Venue Rental**: Prices start at approximately €4,400 for the base rental of the space

- **Additional Services**: Costs can increase with additional services like catering, decoration, and technical support. Custom packages are available to suit different needs and budgets.

For detailed pricing and to tailor a package for your wedding, you can contact Casa Batlló directly through their event rental page

Services Included

- **Event Coordination**: Professional staff to assist with planning and execution.

- **Catering**: Options range from cocktail dinners to full banquets.

- **Technical Support**: Audiovisual equipment and other technical needs can be provided.

Booking and Planning

To book your wedding at Casa Batlló, visit their official events page and fill out the contact form. They offer personalized consultations to ensure your event is perfectly tailored to your vision.

Additionally, **Agape Weddings** can help you organize your dream wedding at Casa Batlló. Our team specializes in creating unforgettable weddings in stunning locations. Visit Agape Weddings or more information and to start planning your special day.


Getting married at Casa Batlló offers a magical experience in one of Barcelona's most iconic landmarks. With a variety of stunning spaces and professional event services, your wedding is sure to be unforgettable. For more information and to start planning, visit the [Casa Batlló events page]or contact [Agape Weddings].

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