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Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding Cost

Updated: May 6

Organizing a wedding at Castell de Sant Marçal can create a fairy-tale backdrop for your special day, with the venue's lush gardens and historic charm offering a perfect setting for both the ceremony and celebration. The cost of hosting a wedding at this enchanting venue near Barcelona starts at around 180 euros per person, which can vary based on the number of guests, the style of the wedding, and the quality of vendors chosen​​.

For larger celebrations, Castell de Sant Marçal offers several spaces to accommodate different sizes and types of events. The Bodega Hall, for instance, can host a traditional banquet for 125 people or a cocktail reception for up to 300 guests. If you're planning an even larger gathering, the Greenhouse Room is ideal, with a space of about 500 m² that can accommodate up to 800 people for a cocktail reception or 500 guests for a seated dinner setup​​.

Couples have praised Castell de Sant Marçal for its ability to offer a romantic and unforgettable wedding experience. The venue's medieval architecture, combined with its beautiful gardens, provides a picturesque setting that enhances wedding photos and memories. The indoor spaces are equally impressive, featuring grand halls with vaulted ceilings, original frescoes, and antique furnishings, adding to the venue's historic allure​​.

The venue's comprehensive range of services ensures a stress-free planning process for the couple. From exquisite catering options that showcase local cuisine and wines to professional floral arrangements, the team at Castell de Sant Marçal takes care of every detail. This allows couples to focus on enjoying their special day, knowing that everything from the menu to the decorations will be handled with care and expertise​​.

Given the starting cost and the venue's capacity for both intimate and grand weddings, here are some scenarios based on different guest counts:

  • For a smaller wedding (up to 125 guests): Hosting a traditional banquet in the Bodega Hall could provide a cozy and intimate setting, with costs starting around 22,500 euros, considering the base cost per person.

  • For a medium-sized wedding (up to 300 guests): A cocktail reception in the Bodega Hall could be an ideal choice, allowing for a more relaxed and social atmosphere. The starting cost for such an event could be approximately 54,000 euros.

  • For a large wedding (up to 500 guests): Utilizing the Greenhouse Room for a seated dinner setup offers a grand and impressive setting for the celebration, with starting costs around 90,000 euros.

These scenarios are rough estimates and can vary significantly based on specific requirements, additional services, and customizations desired by the couple. It's recommended to contact the venue directly or consult with a wedding planner for detailed planning and exact quotations to ensure your wedding day is tailored perfectly to your vision and budget.

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