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Ultimate Guide for Castell de Tamarit Wedding cost

Planning a wedding at Castell Tamarit, located in Tarragona, Spain, is like stepping into a fairytale. This medieval castle, perched on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, offers a breathtaking setting for a romantic and unforgettable wedding. Here's everything you need to know about organizing your dream wedding at this stunning venue.

Castell de Tamarit wedding cost
Castell de Tamarit

Castell de Tamarit Wedding cost

Location and Ambiance

Castell Tamarit is renowned for its picturesque views of the Mediterranean, historic architecture, and lush gardens. The venue provides a variety of spaces for your ceremony and reception, including outdoor terraces, a beautiful courtyard, and elegant indoor halls. Whether you're envisioning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, the castle can accommodate your needs.

Ceremony and Reception Options

You can choose to have your ceremony in the castle's private chapel, the courtyard, or an outdoor space with panoramic sea views. The reception can be held in the main hall, which boasts a regal atmosphere, or outdoors under the stars, creating a magical evening for you and your guests

Castell de Tamarit wedding
Castell de Tamarit drone view

Gastronomy and Services

Castell Tamarit offers top-notch Mediterranean cuisine using the freshest ingredients. The castle's team provides comprehensive services including catering, decoration, lighting, and music to ensure that every detail of your wedding is perfect. They also offer personalized wedding planning services to help tailor every aspect of your celebration to your preferences

Castell de Tamarit Wedding
Castell de Tamarit Wedding

Costs and Packages

Average Cost

The cost of a wedding at Castell Tamarit can vary widely depending on the number of guests, the season, and the specific services you require. On average, you can expect to spend between €15,000 and €30,000 for a wedding at this venue. This estimate typically includes the venue rental, catering, basic decoration, and some additional services. It's important to contact the venue directly for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

Inclusions and Extras

The basic packages generally include venue hire, catering, and standard decoration. Extras such as premium decorations, live music, special lighting, and custom menus can add to the overall cost. The castle’s wedding planners can work with you to create a bespoke package that fits your vision and budget.

Why Choose Castell Tamarit?

Historical and Romantic Setting

The historical significance and enchanting beauty of Castell Tamarit make it a standout choice for a wedding venue. The castle’s medieval charm, coupled with modern amenities, provides a unique blend of the past and present, creating an unforgettable backdrop for your big day.

Comprehensive Services

The venue's dedicated team ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day. From the initial planning stages to the final send-off, the staff at Castell Tamarit are committed to making your wedding a seamless and joyous experience.


If you wish to inquire further or book your wedding at Castell Tamarit, you can reach out to them using the following contact details:

More Help and Information for Castell de Tamarit Wedding cost

If you're dreaming of a fairytale wedding in a stunning location, Castell Tamarit is an ideal choice. With its breathtaking views, historical ambiance, and comprehensive wedding services, your special day is sure to be unforgettable. For a seamless planning experience, consider reaching out to Agape Weddings at . Their expert team can help bring your dream wedding to life at Castell Tamarit.

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