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Finding the Perfect Band to Get Your Barcelona Wedding Rocking

As a Barcelona wedding planner working with many international couples, I always remind them - don’t underestimate your wedding entertainment. Your band sets the mood, energy and memories for every guest’s experience. Beyond the vows and food, it’s the music that gets everyone from grandma to college friends dancing together, Spanish style!

This makes choosing your wedding band one of the most fun but critical decisions in your planning process. Here are my insider tips as a local expert:

Reflect Your Music Personality Have an intimate chat with your fiancé about your favorite romantic songs, music genres you love, singer-songwriter styles you can’t get enough of and playlists that make you groove. Share your Spotify profiles! This gives me a headstart on advising bands that suit your personalities so nothing falls flat or seems “off-brand” on the big day.

Seek Multi-Genre Experts Great club bands don’t necessarily make great wedding bands suited for diverse crowds. Dig beyond their popularity to find bands with specialized experience in wedding gigs with rave client reviews. Ask for videos of their past wedding performances if possible to get a feel of their vibe and song selection skills.

Talented musicians can read audiences and adapt selections spontaneously - exactly what you need!Require 200+ Song Options Every wedding crowd is so unique even within one guestlist based on age group, nationality and personality types. Avoid bands that only prepare limited song catalogs.

Match Band Personality to Your Wedding Vision What’s your wedding’s design personality? Formal black-tie hotel ballroom? Sentimental garden ceremony? Big raucous family reunion? Downtown rooftop lounge party? Choose your bands accordingly. For formal weddings, I steer couples toward suited bands like Grupo Clasica over flip flops and shorts to maintain the luxurious vision. For boho-style weddings with a young crowd, let dynamic bands like Los Ros reflect that vibrant energy over stiff string quartets.

Map Logistics for Smooth Operations You don’t want to unexpectedly learn your band needs special electrical setups or permits days before the wedding! Iron out contract specifics in advance like duration of performance, breaks timing, attendance flexibility in case of no-shows, amount of stage area and equipment they need, lighting or sound extras required.

Share venue specifics so they can assess amplification needs for best sound quality. Also confirm you handle royalties paperwork if required locally for copyright songs.

With an experienced band tailored to your taste and wedding vision, your dancefloor will be rocking from first dance to final toast, Barcelona-style! Feel free to reach me for my favorite entertainment recommendations and planning tips anytime.

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