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How to Get Married in Spain as a British Citizen

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Getting married in Spain as a British citizen involves a number of steps and requirements. This guide will help you understand the process and what you need to do to ensure your marriage is recognised both in Spain and the UK. Understanding the Basics

There are two categories of marriage in Spain:

  1. People from other countries who are not legal residents of Spain, but who wish to marry.

  2. Those who are Spanish nationals or are legally resident in Spain.

As a British citizen, you fall into the first category. Many people decide they wish to come to Spain to perform their marriage ceremonies. However, you need to be aware of the requirements and processes involved.

Required Documents

If you're a British national getting a marriage or civil partnership abroad, you might need certain documents from the UK government, for example, a certificate of no impediment (CNI). You'll need to contact the local authorities where you want to get married to find out what you need to do.

Recognition of the Marriage

Your marriage or civil partnership will be recognised in the UK if both of the following apply:

  1. You followed the correct process in the country where you got married.

  2. It would be allowed under UK law.

Getting Married in Spain

You need to contact the Civil Registry/Town Hall where you wish to get married, to find out if there are any local requirements you need to consider. In some regions of Spain, to get married at least one of the couple needs to be either a Spanish national or a legal resident of Spain.

Church Weddings

Church weddings are recognised as legal in Spain and the parish church where you wish to get married will provide you with guidance on the procedure to arrange this. Please contact the priest/minister in the church where you wish to get married at least 6 months in advance of the date of the ceremony. You must ensure that whoever will conduct the wedding is legally licensed to do so.

Other Religious Weddings

You will be required to present the clerical certification that expresses the required circumstances for the marriage to be recognised in Spain. Once the request has been approved, you will need to celebrate the marriage within 6 months.

Avoiding the Bureaucracy

Many people choose to get married or arrange their Civil Partnership in their home country, and then travel to Spain with friends and relatives to repeat their vows and promises in a suitable venue, to avoid having to follow the paperwork processes here in Spain.


Getting married in Spain as a British citizen requires some planning and understanding of the local laws and requirements. It's important to start the process well in advance and to ensure you have all the necessary documents and permissions. With careful planning, you can have a beautiful wedding in Spain that is recognised both in Spain and the UK.

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