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Masia Egara: An Exquisite Wedding Venue


Masia Egara, located in Terrassa, approximately 25 km north of Barcelona, is a stunning Catalan country house dating back to the early 16th century. Surrounded by 300 hectares of farmland and forest, this venue offers a blend of historical charm and natural beauty, making it an ideal location for weddings.

Masia Egara: An Exquisite Wedding Venue
Masia Egara Wedding Venue


1. The Terrace: A magnificent traditional Catalan terrace with splendid views of the garden and fields, perfect for outdoor receptions and cocktail events.

2. Green Garden: Tall pine trees and manicured lawns provide a bucolic setting for cocktails and civil ceremonies.

3. Red Garden: Known for its symmetrical design and bordered by huge oaks and cypresses, ideal for elegant ceremonies.

4. Centennial Garden and Pavilion: Suitable for large celebrations, surrounded by centennial trees.

5. Interior Rooms: Three adjacent rooms inside the house, featuring period decor, antiques, and fireplaces, primarily used for receptions and meetings.

6. Cellar: A room with large windows overlooking the gardens, decorated with period paintings and a Flemish tapestry.

7. Chapel: An intimate chapel with a 16th-century altarpiece, perfect for more personal ceremonies.

Masia Egara: An Exquisite Wedding Venue
Masia Egara: An Exquisite Wedding Venue


- Seated Capacity: Up to 400 guests.

- Standing Capacity: Up to 1,500 guests for cocktail-style events.


- Event Planning: The venue provides comprehensive planning and coordination services.

- Catering: Clients must select a caterer from the venue's approved list. The cost of catering is typically separate from the venue rental fee.

- Accommodation: Includes a bridal suite for preparation and relaxation.

- Additional Amenities: A/V equipment, valet parking, dining chairs and tables, and on-site restrooms.


- Venue Rental: Prices for renting Masia Egara can vary based on the specific needs and services required. Estimates suggest a range between €7,000 and €12,000. This does not include catering fees, which are additional and based on the selected caterer.

- Catering: Typically ranges from €100 to €200 per guest, depending on the menu and services chosen.

- Additional Services: Costs for decorations, photography, and entertainment can add an additional €2,000 to €5,000 or more to the total budget.

- Other Costs: There might be additional fees for services such as insurance, alcohol, and other personalized requirements

Masia Egara: An Exquisite Wedding Venue
Masia Egara: An Exquisite Wedding Venue

Customer Reviews:

Couples and guests frequently commend the venue for its breathtaking scenery, historical charm, and professional service. The blend of rustic and chic elements, combined with the venue's versatility, creates a memorable experience for all attendees.

Contact Information:

- **Address**: Masia Egara, Terrassa, Spain

- **Phone**: +34 937 889 250

- **Email**:

- **Website**: [Masia Egara](

Organize Your Wedding with Us:

At Agape Weddings, we specialize in helping couples plan their dream weddings at exquisite venues like Masia Egara. Our expert team ensures every detail is perfect, making your special day unforgettable.


Masia Egara offers a unique and versatile setting for weddings, combining historical elegance with modern amenities. With its variety of stunning spaces and top-tier services, it is an excellent choice for couples seeking a beautiful and memorable wedding venue.

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