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The Best Small Wedding Venues in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city renowned for its romantic ambiance and beautiful architecture, making it an ideal spot for a small, intimate wedding. Below, we explore the top venues tailored for small wedding celebrations, perfect for those seeking a unique and personal experience.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Catalonia, Mas Cabellut offers a blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, making it an ideal setting for weddings and events. This venue boasts expansive gardens, beautifully restored farmhouse, and its own vineyards that surround the villa. Mas Cabellut produces its own wine, adding a unique touch to your celebration. With facilities that can accommodate up to 100 guests, it provides a serene and intimate atmosphere, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

Small Wedding Venues in Barcelona
Mas Cabellut

If you are drawn to historical and mystical settings, Castillo Torre Celler might be your ideal wedding venue. This impressive 14th-century castle, located in Parets del Vallès, features two main towers and the remnants of an ancient Roman village. It offers a majestic setting for weddings, accommodating up to 100 guests, providing a unique blend of romance and history.

Small Wedding Venues in Barcelona
Torre Celler

For those who cherish wine and history, Caves Codorniu offers an exceptional venue in a romantic old wine factory, just 30 minutes from Barcelona. This site combines the architectural charm of modernism with the rich tradition of Spanish winemaking. The venue can host up to 100 guests, making it an exquisite choice for weddings, particularly for wine enthusiasts.

Small Wedding Venues in Barcelona - Caves Codorniu
Caves Codorniu

Located about an hour northeast of Barcelona, Villa Madrina offers a tranquil and beautiful setting for a wedding. This private finca features a pool, lovely gardens, and even a small rural chapel for those wishing to include a religious ceremony. Designed for relaxed and intimate gatherings, it provides a serene backdrop for your special day.

Small Wedding Venues in Barcelona - Villa Mandarina
Villa Mandarina

Situated in Cabrils, a scenic town 23 km from Barcelona, Masía Can Tosca is a 16th-century farmhouse set between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. It offers a perfect mix of natural beauty and rustic charm, ideal for intimate weddings. The venue's gardens and cozy indoor spaces make it suitable for up to 100 guests, ensuring a charming and intimate setting for your celebration.

Small Wedding Venues in Barcelona - Masia Can Tosca
Masia Can Tosca

Plan Your Dream Wedding with Agape Weddings

To simplify your wedding planning, consider the expertise of Agape Weddings. As specialists in organizing bespoke weddings in Barcelona, they provide comprehensive planning services to ensure your wedding day is as enchanting as Barcelona itself. From selecting the ideal venue to coordinating the day's events, they are committed to making your special day perfect.

These venues each offer a unique combination of Catalan charm, history, and modern amenities, ensuring your wedding will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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