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Wedding at Finca Mas Batlle


Finca Mas Batlle, located in Girona, Spain, offers an enchanting setting for weddings, combining rustic charm with modern elegance. This exclusive venue features multiple picturesque spaces, including gardens, terraces, and historical interiors, ideal for creating unforgettable wedding experiences.

Wedding at Finca Mas Batlle
Wedding at Finca Mas Batlle


1. The Masia: The central building with rustic interiors such as the library, bodega, and stable, perfect for intimate moments and photo sessions.

2. Haima Boscosa: A large, airy tent surrounded by nature, accommodating up to 300 guests.

3. Salón Els Arcs: A charming hall with stone arches, ideal for banquets, holding up to 220 guests.

4. Gardens and Terraces: Various outdoor spaces, including the palm garden and mirador, offering beautiful settings for ceremonies and receptions.

Wedding at Finca Mas Batlle
Wedding at Finca Mas Batlle


- Event Planning: Comprehensive wedding planning and coordination services ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

- Gastronomy: In-house catering features seasonal and high-quality dishes, customizable to fit the couple’s preferences.

- Accommodation: The venue includes a luxurious bridal suite and three additional double suites for close family and friends, making the celebration even more special.


Couples can personalize every aspect of their wedding, from décor and table settings to entertainment and menu options, ensuring their special day reflects their unique style and preferences.

Wedding at Finca Mas Batlle
Wedding at Finca Mas Batlle


The costs for hosting a wedding at Finca Mas Batlle can vary significantly based on the specific services and customization options chosen. Here are some general estimates to consider:

- Venue Rental: The cost for renting the venue for a wedding day typically ranges from €6,000 to €10,000, depending on the season and specific spaces used.

- Catering: Catering services are often priced per person, with costs ranging from €100 to €150 per guest for a full meal, including drinks.

- Additional Services: Other services, such as decorations, photography, and entertainment, can add to the total cost, typically ranging from €2,000 to €5,000 or more, based on the level of customization and services required.

Customer Reviews:

Guests often praise the venue for its breathtaking scenery, exceptional service, and the unforgettable experiences it creates. Reviews highlight the professionalism of the staff and the exquisite culinary offerings

Contact Information:

- Address: Carretera dels Àngels, Km. 0, 2, 17241 La Creueta, Girona

- Phone: +34 669 373 336 (Xavier)

Organize Your Wedding with Us:

At Agape Weddings, we specialize in helping couples plan their dream weddings at stunning venues like Finca Mas Batlle. Our experienced team ensures every detail is perfect, making your wedding day truly memorable.


Finca Mas Batlle is an exceptional choice for couples seeking a magical and personalized wedding experience in a beautiful, historical setting. With its diverse spaces, top-notch services, and attention to detail, it promises to make your wedding day truly memorable.

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